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How does Tax Collector Staking work?

Staking in the new platform changes drastically from the pervious platform. Here are the main things to be aware of. Old platform will be retired end of August 2021

Staking will not lock your tokens for the selected period.
Do not claim your POLC to earn a share of the Tax Collector NFT in proportion to your unclaimed POLC.
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Sending my Ethereum NFT to BSC?

Its simple, press the Send to BSC button on your NFT tile. You will be asked to authorize and then you will be able to send. Yes, it does cost some gas, but in the end you will be in a very cheap gas chain.

Things to be aware of...

You will need to remove assets from the marketplace to enable swap button.
You will NOT lose your unclaimed Polc by moving to BSC. :-)

How does multichain work?

Polka City is now multichain, this will allow you to enjoy POLC and NFT assets in multiple chains. As of today we have integrated the Ethereum and Binance chains. Here is what you can do now.

Claim tokens in the chain of your choice. (BSC and Ethereum now, back to ETH coming soon). Remember, MetaMask MUST be in the Ethereum MaiNet.
Swap POLC ERC20 tokens for BSC Polc tokens.
Swap ERC20 NFTs for BSC NFTs .
Trade NFTs in both Ethereum and BSC Chains.

Someone in support asked me for my secret phrase?

No we did not, don't fall for scams, we will never ask you for your secret phrase and we will never reach out to you first.

Can I store my NFTs in a hardware wallet?

You sure can, remember, and NFT is very similar to tokens. they are not store in wallets, they are stored in the blockchain under your wallet address.

How about NFTs Yield?

Polka City launched with very high yield NFTs, these high yields intend to make NFT's profitable while we complete the video game economy. Important things to remember regarding the NFT yields and profits.

Yields are not forever, there is a weeks available counter in the my assets page.
NFT's will continue to be profitable within the game economy with coming game mechanics.

How about the game?

We are very exited about the coming game. After all, this is what Polka City is about. Here are some facts about the game.

The game will have many releases, the first release coming by end of the year. Disco and Art Gallery will be the first assets to be profitable within the game, others will follow in next releases.
Yes, there will be a Casino in Polka City. Profits will be distributed amongst the business and casino NFT holders. Additional NFTs for casino games will be sold separately with their own individual earnings.
More on game mechanics in the game dedicated website section coming soon.

What are the Polc Contract addresses?

BSC: 0x6ae9701b9c423f40d54556c9a443409d79ce170a

Ethereum: 0xaA8330FB2B4D5D07ABFE7A72262752a8505C6B37











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